Married and Moved

So we did the dang thing. I married the man of my dreams, I got the romance, the quirky little how we met story, the swept off my feet and married after just a year and a few months. All of it. Our wedding was beautiful but hot and I married on my best friend’s property. The hottest day in May, record heat for that day at 96 degrees for an outside wedding. It was everything I ever dreamed about (well, except the heat). I walked down the isle to the theme from Up! Surrounded by balloons and my nephews walked down in front of me looking like Russell in Wilderness Scout uniforms. It was a great way to have them be a part of it and it fit the theme. We had a brunch wedding with donuts instead of cake and mimosas instead of champagne.

We packed up two days later and headed to New York. It’s taken me this long to get my thoughts together. Life has been fast and furious. We had another get together a few weeks ago with Greg’s family up here in the North. It was great to have his Grandparents and family gathered around us. It was equally as special as our wedding. photo: by Jenna Marie

Now that things are settling down we have our life here in New York, spending time with old friends and making some new ones. Sight seeing between our busy lives in the city. I like the life we have carved out for ourselves. We take little trips to Connecticut here and there to escape the fast city and visit with Greg’s wonderful family. Life in the city is hectic but we love every second.

Empire State Bldg

Waiting on the 1 train

Drinks at a rooftop bar in Midtown before a concert

I have settled into a nice job through a temporary staffing company and if all goes right I will be hired on in January. I love it there and have high hopes that it will work out.

Greg is still very in love with the IT position that moved us up here. His days are long and hard but he comes home bursting at the seams to tell me all about his day. Or he flops on the couch brain fried and when I ask him he still has a smile and tells me his busy days are worth it.

Moggie the cat, he is adjusting to life inside a small apartment. He lets us know often how he feels about this. He wants outside but when we take him outside and all the noises happen he immediately wants back inside. He talks to us and demands lots of petting and treats. He subjects us nightly to “flying cat” as he runs in bursts through the hall that connects our front door to the small 2 rooms…. living room/kitchen and bedroom and bathroom. (It’s small but we are on the back of our building so it’s mostly quiet and cool in the back.) Moggie telling me to pet his head.

Living a full & fast life

Shana xo🦋

Saying goodbye to Florida with music

I’m a concert go-er I love live music with a passion.  A summer festival with a great line up gets me going.  With just over 30 days left in Florida I chose to attend a high school favorite that I never got to see!  Red Hot Chili Peppers had a show at the Jacksonville arena.  

 The show was a great experience.  The music of my youth was exactly what I expected.  Anthony Kiedis and his mumbled lispy sing song, his speak rap cadence was everything I wanted to hear that night.  Flea bounced across stage in patchwork neon with his signature checkerboard hair.  
The crowd, well the crowds at Jacksonville concerts I won’t miss.  Who knows, it could be crowds at all concerts and I will soon find out I’m sure.  The redneck that gets fall down drunk and talks through a concert you spent $100 on could be everywhere just with a different element, minus the redneck and add a damn Yankee. 

All in all the show was great.  The crazy factor and experience just added a bittersweet part to the experience.  

Soul to Squeeze – RHCP

Next up is my last festival.  I go to Florida’s Rockville this weekend.  A day of heavy songs out in the sun! 

First steps

IMG_20170420_215747Here we are, the first steps to my Ever After… Packing up our life, selling all of our things, because our roughly 900 sq ft. apartment will most likely be down sized to 500 sq ft.  Couches are going, dressers are going, half of our kitchen items are going, the WASHER & DRYER are going.  I am having lots of “OMG what are we doing?” moments.  

As the Fresh Prince so eloquently said, my life  got flipped-turned upside down.  So sit back as I tell you about my story.

The word for the next dozen or so posts is Exciteterrified.  This is a word coined by my best friend as she packed her life and moved to Japan, and then a few years later to Vietnam.  She has let me start using this word.