First steps

IMG_20170420_215747Here we are, the first steps to my Ever After… Packing up our life, selling all of our things, because our roughly 900 sq ft. apartment will most likely be down sized to 500 sq ft.  Couches are going, dressers are going, half of our kitchen items are going, the WASHER & DRYER are going.  I am having lots of “OMG what are we doing?” moments.  

As the Fresh Prince so eloquently said, my life  got flipped-turned upside down.  So sit back as I tell you about my story.

The word for the next dozen or so posts is Exciteterrified.  This is a word coined by my best friend as she packed her life and moved to Japan, and then a few years later to Vietnam.  She has let me start using this word.  

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