Saying goodbye to Florida with music

I’m a concert go-er I love live music with a passion.  A summer festival with a great line up gets me going.  With just over 30 days left in Florida I chose to attend a high school favorite that I never got to see!  Red Hot Chili Peppers had a show at the Jacksonville arena.  

 The show was a great experience.  The music of my youth was exactly what I expected.  Anthony Kiedis and his mumbled lispy sing song, his speak rap cadence was everything I wanted to hear that night.  Flea bounced across stage in patchwork neon with his signature checkerboard hair.  
The crowd, well the crowds at Jacksonville concerts I won’t miss.  Who knows, it could be crowds at all concerts and I will soon find out I’m sure.  The redneck that gets fall down drunk and talks through a concert you spent $100 on could be everywhere just with a different element, minus the redneck and add a damn Yankee. 

All in all the show was great.  The crazy factor and experience just added a bittersweet part to the experience.  

Soul to Squeeze – RHCP

Next up is my last festival.  I go to Florida’s Rockville this weekend.  A day of heavy songs out in the sun! 

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