About Shana 

I have blogged for years.  I find it relaxing and I love some of the friends I made in my livejournal.com years.  I’m returning to the blog when my life is at it’s utmost craziest to document these huge changes and we’ll to let some of the stress go.  

You see it all started in December of 2015.  A friend made a Facebook post and I commented, and a friend of his liked my comment, and we went back and forth and he added me as a friend.  We had 14 mutual friends and we chatted frequently​ and eventually set a first date on the 29th.  The rest has been a whirlwind romance with Greg.  We moved in together officially in February but to be honest I think there were only 4 days we stayed apart between those few weeks.  

He had my heart and we went through some big ups and downs.  My family loves him and he held all our hands and my heart when he was with us when my father passed away in June.  My father knew we planned to marry and it put me at ease to know he fully approved.  

In September we went to Connecticut to meet his family.  I got the family approval, enjoyed New England in all it’s leaf changing glory and ending in New York he proposed on 28th.  

I started making some life changes not being happy with my weight.  I hit my heaviest weight in August and now was determined not to be a wide bride!

I tried for a bit on my own and dropped a few pounds slowly.  In November I joined Weight Watchers.  This has been my easiest time losing weight.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a daily struggle.  Sometimes I am my worst enemy!  This time seems like I have it in the bag.  I know I will make goal! 

March came around and once again, big life changes.  Greg asked me about inquiring at work about a job in New York.  I loved our trip up North.  I have in the past cried having to leave New York, and it would put us near his family.  I said yes.  Immediately this set us on a course.  This was in the stars.  Meant to be. 

Current day, we sped up the wedding and now I become Mrs. Novinski on May 28th and on the 29th we leave Florida to move to New York City.  

Join me as this butterfly says bye to the pounds, and bye to Florida.